Why It’s Better To Work With Designers Who Travel


My Nguyen
August 5, 2021
The world is filled with people belonging to different cultures who follow various traditions.

Why It’s Better To Work With Designers Who Travel

The world is filled with people belonging to different cultures who follow various traditions. From Japan to America, each country has its own norms and laws that people are bound to follow and making every country rich in cultural heritage beautiful in its own ways.The more we travel around the world, the greater are the chances of us getting to learn new things. From dresses to food, places around the world offer a variety of options that are amazing in their own sense. Where ladies in China love wearing long gowns (Cheongsam) the men residing in the streets of Mexico prefer going casual with their clothing.

Gaining a broader perspective

Just like traveling improves your vision, it is necessary for a designer to roam around different places to gain better understanding of what the world has to offer. Best to attain a broader perspective, traveling gives one the opportunity to look into things that were previously unknown to us. Be it a professional photographer or a chef, people belonging to each profession should at least visit a few places around the globe to enhance their set of skills.For a designer, the more they travel, the higher the chances for them to come up with creative designs that are beyond amazing. With the world at our disposal, the only way to get in touch and learn about different cultures and traditions is through packing our bag and moving forward. The blend of beautiful colors and patterns, every country reflects the rich heritage and so we can learn a lot from them. The aesthetics and underlying beauty behind every tradition are the best of ways to wake up the sleeping artist inside us and come up with something that has never been created before.

Inspiration all around

A designer’s collection is always inspired by something around them. It may be the nature that is perfectly reflected through their creations while at other times it is the element of love and fun that fills their masterpieces. Traveling around the globe gives us a new inspiration every time that improves our creativity and projects. As a designer at Project 100, we strive to impressed the people we work with by blending our love for travel and the style of the Bay Area (San Jose, California)Seeing something new for the very first time gets the adrenaline flowing that fills us with ideas that are highly unique and new. From building to carved walls and from monumental site to the green parks, different places can inspire you in different ways and so it helps you to always invent something that is fresh and original.


As a designer, one needs to keep their mind fresh and energetic. Visiting new places every now and then is not only a good way to stay up to date with current trends , but gives a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships with potential clients. You can easily find yourself marketing your brand and attract people with a collection that is highly innovative and reflects the fusion of world’s cultures in the best of ways.

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