Cummings Guitar


My Nguyen
August 5, 2021
Brian Cummings is a music teacher living in the Bay Area.


Brian Cummings is a music teacher living in the Bay Area. He has been teaching piano and guitar lessons for years, but as he noticed more and more students are requesting private lessons, he needed a more professional way to market himself. When he came to us for help, it was because he wanted to take control and upgrade his professional presence

The Project

We got started by focusing on his style as a person, we wanted to build a professional persona without taking away from his approachable demeanor. A non-corporate feel was the goal.


We introduced a few new elements to his brand like a clean minimalist business card and a website to match. The color scheme we choose were were meant to balance the two world of business and music, while also subliminally imply creativity and nature. Overall, the results were a success and the site functions exactly how it should for a productivity his purpose— giving his student a way to reach him for private lessons. And that was how Cummings Guitar was born.

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